Want One?

How to make the SafeTV Sensor a Reality.

The purpose of this website and social media campaign is simple: to reach the decision makers at Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony through our network of friends in order to sell or license one of these fine organizations the exclusive rights to this amazing new product- the SafeTV Sensor.

In order to do that however, we need your help; and it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

You see, even the greatest idea in the world goes no where without friends and the right contacts these days. People need to know about the SafeTV Sensor, like it, and then a key decision maker with the power to bring it to market needs to buy-in and move the project forward.

While in theory this sounds relatively simple, in today’s legal-driven environment, getting to that key decision maker is not typically easy. And that my friend is where you come in. You see, in order to get this innovative new product into your home soon, all we have to do is follow these three (3) simple steps:

  1. Tell Your Friends, Family, and Colleagues about the SafeTV Sensor! (See below for ideas how!)
  2. Like us on Facebook and any other Social Media sites.
  3. Email us your thoughts on the product that we can share with the manufactures.

That’s It. Easy, right!?

By helping us tell the world about the SafeTV Sensor in any of those simple ways, you will make a powerful difference and help ensure that when you go to purchase one of these exciting new gaming consoles this holiday season (the XBOX One, PS4, or Wii U), the decision will be clear which system is in your best interest to buy- the one that includes SafeTV Sensor technology! Because this feature represents exactly what you need in your home, and have been looking for the last 7 years- safety and peace of mind!

So thank you sincerely for visiting our website today, watching our short videos, and telling your friends and family about the SafeTV Sensor. We look forward to seeing this great new technology in your home soon and hearing about the positive results it brings to you, and your family. And rest assured, your efforts in helping us spread the word about the SafeTV Sensor are going to change the interactive gaming industry, and our homes forever!

More Ways You Can Help!

Want some more simple & quick ideas on how you can  help launch the SafeTV Sensor and get one in your home soon? Here is a brief list of what we came up with:

    1. Contact anyone you know that works (in any capacity) at one of the Big 3 (Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft) and tell them about the SafeTV Sensor.
    2. Tell your friends about the SafeTV Sensor by:
      • Forwarding them a link to this website
      • Posting a link from your Facebook page to our Faceook page
      • Writing them a personal email or letter
      • Picking up the phone and calling them (should be fun to catch up with old friends!)
    3. Post a link to this website on any of your social media pages. Sites such as:
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Pintrest
      • Twitter
      • Google+
    4. Leave us positive feedback on any/all of these social media sites.
    5. Contact any parenting, trade, or safety organizations that you might know of/be members of.​

Do you have other ideas? Contact us today!

Thank YOU!