The SafeTV Sensor Story

How it All Started.

One December a long time ago, my wife and I decided to buy our children a Wii for Christmas. Soon after plugging it in we noticed two distinct things:

  1. It was great fun, and,
  2. Our children are very competitive!

Around our house, it soon became the daily routine for us to allow the children to play this exciting new system. However, everyday one of us had to stop what we were doing in order to supervise their gameplay because it almost always became too intense and ended badly.

We found ourselves repeatedly telling them stuff like, “Back up from the TV”, “You guys are too close”, and “Calm down and backup. Someone is going to get hurt.” And, true to form, someone almost always did.

At first I thought it was only my family having these issues, but then one night after having some friends in from out of town and playing the Wii with them, sure enough, we realized it’s not just our kids. They were doing it too, and they were adults!
After that I started paying more attention to people playing the Wii wherever we went. Soon realizing that people everywhere were having the same issues as we were with players getting dangerously too close to the TV, and to one another.

So one night I went online to research the issue and try to find a solution, and what did I find? There were not only hundreds of images of injuries and damaged television sets all over the web, but blog posts, video clips, and entire websites dedicated to tracking these terrible, and sometimes hilarious accidents.

You see, the fact is, whenever people play multi-player, motion-active video games, it is inevitable that the human spirit of competition will kick in and people will move closer and closer to the television set.

So I started thinking, why hasn’t someone solved this problem? It’s a known issue that every manufacturer acknowledges with on-screen warnings, pages in the manuals, and content on their websites, but what’s that do in the heat of the moment?
And with that my friends, the SafeTV Sensor was born.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and once again, they’re right!

(Who are ‘they’ anyways???)