Benefits & Features

Problems Solved.

Welcome Peace of Mind.

Consumer Benefits:

  • Keeps Your Family Safe
  • Protects Your Financial Investments
  • Frees More of Your Time
  • Maintains Balance in Your Home
  • Restores Peace of Mind!

A Safe Home is a Happier Home.

Injuries and fights are not fun for anyone. With the SafeTV Sensor, game play collisions, smashed equipment, and unnecessary arguments are a thing of the past. Welcome peace and happiness!


Manufacturer Benefits:

  • Increases Sales Globally
  • Helps Capture New Market Share
  • Enhances System Performance
  • Strengthens Brand Reputation
  • Beats the Competition to Market!

Attract New Market Share.

Attract millions of new buyers by tapping into the 140-million plus homes around the world that are looking for the healthy fun of interactive gaming, without the dangers. Solve their problems with the SafeTV Sensor and dominate the market place

Global Benefits:

  • Socially Responsible Solution
  • Reduces Environmental Waste
  • Provides Healthier Lives
  • Promotes Happier Homes
  • Helps Change the World!

Environmentally Friendly.

Less Equipment Damage = Less Waste.
Less Waste = Less Resources Needed.
Less Resources = Better for the Environment
Better for the Environment = Better for Mankind

Parent Approved!

Across the globe, parents agree, the SafeTV Sensor is the solution they have been looking for. Simply turn it on and know your family is safe while you enjoy some fun time of your own. No more need to constantly monitor game play!

Are you a Consumer?
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Increase Global Sales.

Position your brand as the safe, family-friendly authority in gaming with the SafeTV Sensor. Then, sit back and enjoy millions of parents purchasing your consoles over the competitions and the billions in increased revenues it brings!

Are you a Manufacturer?
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Human Friendly.

Why risk your players being injured and spending the night in the hospital or in bed with pain?
With the SafeTV Sensor, players stay safe, game play goes on, and more money can be spent on your next game instead of costly medical bills!

Care about People?
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