How the SafeTV Sensor Works

Simple. Brilliant. Effective.

The SafeTV Sensor is a user-friendly upgrade to interactive gaming consoles that takes the physical danger out of motion-activated video games and brings peace of mind back to your home by simply pausing the system whenever a player gets too out of control and/or close to your television set and equipment. Systems such as the Wii & Wii U, PlayStations 3 & 4 (Move), and XBOX 360 & One (Kinect) are all perfect candidates for this remarkable gaming solution.

In a nutshell, how the SafeTV Sensor works is simple. By upgrading your gaming console with the SafeTV Sensor, YOU choose the minimum distance a player is to maintain from your TV through the exclusive and patented SafeTV Sensor technology.

The SafeTV Sensor then creates a sort of force field or invisible barrier between players and your TV and equipment that only you control. Now, when an overzealous player, or anything for that matter, enters the SafeZone during game play that you created, the SafeTV Sensor instantly recognizes this intrusion and pauses the game immediately to protect your equipment, and player safety.

The game will then remain paused until the SafeZone that you originally set is reestablished and clear. Allowing the players some time to cool off and regain their senses before returning to enjoyable and safe game play. Happily freeing you from the need to constantly monitor and referee players. Beautiful, isn’t it?


The SafeTV Sensor has many other great features and benefits as well.
​Some of which are:

  • An Early Warning Indicator to reduce the number of violations
  • A Violation Counter and On-Screen Parental Reporting so you can determine if further precautions are needed
  • Optional Cool Down Periods (i.e. If X number of violations occur within Y minutes then pause gaming console for Z minutes or until a parent unlocks)
  • And Many More!

All of which can be quickly and easily accessed and managed through the password protected parental control section of your gaming console.

With the SafeTV Sensor, you are in control of game play, and your home once again!